About Cakemail

It's more than
just email to us

It's interactions

Our goal is to spark, nurture and measure interactions between businesses and their customers, between organizations and the people that matter to them.

It's about being involved

By doing our best work, we raise the bar and deliver on impact.

It's about collaborating

By working as one team, we honour the trust others place in us.

It's about learning

By taking the time to cultivate our skills, we improve our craft.

It's about keeping an open mind

By welcoming feedback, we actively seek out new ways to grow.

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It's teamwork

We work together, both in-house and with our customers, to deliver the best possible solutions. Our values aren't just words. They're words to live by.
Francois Lane
CEO & Head of Product
Isabel Lapointe
Cherry in Chief
Steve Smith
Co-Founder & Vice President Sales
Kevin Huxham
Director of Deliverability & Privacy Operations
Hans-David Giroux
IT & Engineering Director
Sebastien Gregoire
Development Team Lead
Cheryl Hinton
Fabricio Bernal
Product Expert
Alessandro De Civita
Account Manager
Demetrius Edelin
Senior Backend Developer
Jonathan Angelicchio
Full Stack Developer
Isaiah Goodfriend
Senior Product Designer
Pedro Padron
Full Stack Developer
Labib Bashir-Choudhury
Full Stack Developer

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It's partnership

By partnering with agencies, resellers and developers, we're able to build complete and effective solutions that are specific to individual user needs.

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