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Ease of Use

Cakemail prioritizes simplicity, offering the essentials without added complexity.

Dependable Support

Access immediate, professional support by humans in just a few clicks.

Close Guidance

Level up your skills and email strategies with close feedback from Cakemail.

Powerful Tools

Go beyond email with automated workflows, forms, reporting, and more.

Reliable Delivery

Ensure timely emails to donors with Cakemail, keeping fundraisers on track.

All the tools, guidance, and support you need to grow your nonprofit.

Your members, supporters, and donors in one place

Manage all your contacts – donors, volunteers, members, supporters, etc – in one account. Get a view of your entire audience.
Work the way you want. Create lists for VIPs, active members, or frequent donors. Engage them as often as you need.
Create emails your audiences respond to. Send simple emails, newsletters, or even automated email sequences.

Simple yet powerful marketing tools

Get your emails read. With Cakemail, you can be confident that your emails are reaching the inboxes of your members and donors every time.
Analyze the performance of your campaigns with comprehensive analytics. Learn how to fine-tune your message to engage your audience more effectively.
Build your emails with our drag-and-drop editor. Send emails in just a few clicks. Email marketing doesn't need to be complicated.

Professional support your organization can rely on

Get your questions answered. Our world-class support team will always be just a few clicks away.
Get more than support. Want to discuss your strategy or need help setting things up? Our team can help.
Improve your skills and marketing knowledge. Get new ideas from our content library or join a live training session.

Hundreds of nonprofits already use Cakemail to engage their audiences

"I love the simplicity of the service, the way you help me when I struggle, and how my emails look so polished when I send them. People are telling me: you’re so smart, but Cakemail is, I just use it!"
Lisa Ann
Manager, Life Post Concussion
"My team members can easily prepare campaigns using their basic office skills and a little guidance from me. It's really great."
Ann Hubert
Volunteer Media Manager, Eckankar Quebec
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Nonprofit marketing FAQ

What is nonprofit marketing?

Nonprofit marketing is the promotion of a nonprofit organization or NPO to its members, donors, supporters, or potential volunteers.

It can involve developing a brand, creating communication material, organizing events, or building relationships to raise awareness for the cause and their organization.

How does a nonprofit use marketing?

A nonprofit organization might use marketing to attract donors, raise awareness, build support, or drive change.

Often, the organization would create a marketing plan at the start of the year. That plan might include tactics and strategies (like using email marketing).

From then on, a marketing or a community outreach team would try to execute the plan, looking at reports and measurements to assess the performance.

Why is marketing crucial for nonprofits?

Marketing is crucial for nonprofits. Without marketing, a nonprofit would struggle to gain visibility, engage supporters, build credibility, and raise awareness for the cause.

Although there could be other ways to build support for a nonprofit, marketing is one of the most effective strategies to raise awareness for a cause.

How do you market a nonprofit organization?

Marketing a nonprofit organization starts with strategic planning. An organization could, for example, start by defining its different audiences (members, donors, supporters, etc), crafting messaging, creating the brand, defining channels, and identifying tactics to market the organization.

Should nonprofits maintain an email list?

Yes! All nonprofits should try to build and maintain a subscriber list.

Having your own email list allows your organization to directly engage and retain donors and supporters.

Unlike social media, email allows organizations to reach the totality of their subscribers as often as they want. An email list is one of the most valuable assets of a nonprofit.

Is email marketing viable for nonprofits?

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective tools a nonprofit might employ to engage its audiences. For example, with Cakemail, a nonprofit could get started free and expect to pay $19 to $30 per month once their lists have over 2,000 contacts.

Email lists with the appropriate permissions never expire. A nonprofit could potentially engage and build relationships with its subscriber list for years.

Why do nonprofits use email marketing?

Most nonprofits use email marketing to raise donations, keep contact with their audiences, or promote events they're organizing.

How to do email marketing for nonprofits?

To start with email marketing, a nonprofit needs to select an email marketing provider, create an account, and upload a contact list.

If the organization does not have an email list, they can build one by adding a subscription form on their website, asking donors and supporters to subscribe, and running ad campaigns to drive subscriptions to their list.

How do nonprofits utilize email marketing?

Nonprofits can use email marketing to engage supporters, collect donations, recruit volunteers, share news, or promote events.

At Cakemail, we see nonprofits utilize email marketing in large part to share newsletters with members and supporters, promote fundraisers, and send updates on the mission and progress of the organization.